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About Me

My name is Elizabeth James and I have a B.S. in Applied Mathematics from Northern Illinois University.

I have dedicated the last fourteen years of my career as a full-time private math tutor in The Woodlands, and I have taught at the university level. References are available upon request. You may view some of my testimonials here.

I have been married to my husband, Richard, for 30 years. My oldest daughter, Katherine, attended the Academy of Science and Technology at College Park. She passed the Texas State Bar at 23 and at 25 was selected to the 2016 Texas Rising Star Lawyer by Reuters®. My youngest, Christina, graduated from The Woodlands High School (in 3 years) and Texas A&M College Station. She is currently pursuing her MBA. Both my daughters began their elementary education in CISD.



Who do you tutor? 

I have tutored students from ages 7 to 47. I typically work with junior high, high school, home schooled and college students. Currently, I have CISD-based materials and textbooks to tutor up to pre-calculus. I also provide instruction for STAAR, ACT, SAT, and GRE test preparation. Click here for more information regarding the ACT/SAT exams.

Where do you tutor?

I tutor at my home in Capstone, which is located in the center of The Woodlands, near The Woodlands High School. I also tutor remotely via Skype while using interactive IOS applications for instantaneous written communication. This is a great way to work out problems together in real time.

What is your philosophy?

First and foremost, I want to instill a love and understanding of mathematics in my students. I have a passion for math that I hope my students will share with me. I incorporate manipulatives, 3d models, acronyms, songs, and anecdotes to make learning memorable and meaningful. My tutoring methods are individually tailored to each student, because every person has unique learning avenues. I have spent thousands of hours creating and gathering course-specific study guides, which I have organized and condensed into a comprehensible form. You can view a few of them here. I also provide my students with customized practice exams and quizzes for their use at home.

What are your advantages?

I have a thorough knowledge of the CISD math curriculum. This includes the differences between level and pre-AP math classes. In order for my students to succeed in CISD courses, I have identified “shortcomings” in certain areas. It is not uncommon for my students to say, “Why didn’t my teacher tell me that?”. I always break down difficult concepts into smaller blocks of previously mastered topics. This helps students to “connect the dots”, and provides my students with longterm understanding and clarity. I also partake in current ACT/SAT testing so I can provide my students with authentic exams and first-hand knowledge. Yes, I am the oldest one at the testing center and I score in the top 99th percentile!

Elizabeth James

B.S. Mathematics


Cell/Text     936-689-4028